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Enjoy our basic coverage

1 Blue-ray Disk or Online Download
2 Camera Coverage
10hr Coverage



Save the date with: $470

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If no package works for you, build yours!

There is a $200 Edit fee in our custom packages.

$195 Per Hour 2 Camera Coverage

2 hour Minimum Coverage on Saturdays

Option of online download or Blue-Ray Delivery.


$195 Per Hour

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Recommended for weddings of 100 people or more. 

2 DVD's Blue-ray Disks and Online Download
USB custom thumb drive
Long Film Version
Short Film Version
3 Camera Coverage
12hr Coverage



Save the date with: $662.50

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Full spectrum coverage.

5 Blue-Ray Disks and Online Download
3 Camera Coverage
USB custom thumb drive
Guest Interviews
Long Film Version
Short Film Version
Engagement Film
All day coverage



Save the date with: $781.25

Retainer payment to save the date is counted towards the total of your package. 

You can add to packages, but you cannot subtract from our already built packages. If packages don't work for you please consider our custom option.

A la Carte Add Ons

Short Film $400 (Included in GOLD and DIAMOND Package)

20-45 Min Film Version $550

Personal Online page with full video access $300

USB Delivery and Release of Right $300 (Included in GOLD and DIAMOND Package)

Engagement FIlm $400 (Included in DIAMOND Package)

Photo Slide Show for video $150 (NOT for display at reception)

1 hour additional Coverage $195

2 additional Hours of Coverage $300

Additional Camera Man $400

Guest Interviews $100

Unedited Footage: $300 (Footage is filmed in 4k, make sure your hardware will be able to read it)

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