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Step into the spotlight and join the video-sharing revolution! Our video booth offers a dynamic and engaging experience, allowing you and your guests to create shareable moments that capture the essence of your event. In an era where video sharing has become the most popular way to relive and spread memorable experiences, our video booth is the perfect addition to ensure your event becomes the talk of the town.


As you step inside, our friendly operator will guide you through an exciting journey. Strike a pose or dance our camera captures every moment. Once your vibrant video is ready, it's yours to download and treasure forever. Share the joy and excitement with friends and family as you effortlessly upload your video to any social media platform, ensuring your unforgettable experience reaches far and wide. Let our video booth become the catalyst for laughter, smiles, and memories that will be cherished for years to come.

360 Booth Packages

Get 15% Off when you hire us to film your event!

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